Brandstock merges into Questel | Trademark Management Services

Brandstock is committed to building a one-stop-shop offering in Questel’s trademark portfolio management.

Brandstock is now part of Questel Trademark Services offering

Brandstock services joined the Questel group in 2019

An international leadership in Trademark Renewals and Recordals 


Founded in 1993 and based in Munich (Germany), Brandstock leverages their advanced technology platform to provide the highest quality services in the most cost-effective manner for trademark searches, IP maintenance fee payments, IP costs benchmarking, data verification, portfolio management and IP recordals.  

This acquisition is part of Questel’s ongoing strategy to build a one-stop-shop offering in Trademark portfolio management. 

Questel strengthened its Trademark management offering in driving performance and cost efficiencies for its clients  

Questel group provides clients with excellent, innovative and transparent solutions in support of the development, protection and good management of their Intellectual Property. 

Our vision is to lead change in Intellectual Property services through intelligent innovation towards ever closer and more dynamic relationships with our clients. 

Questel revolutionizes pricing in the IP sector, introducing and developing unprecedented levels of transparency and control over costs. Much of this has been driven by investment in technology and in particular web-based platforms that we, agent firms and our clients can use on a daily basis to inform and interact.  

Trademark Management services

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Reduce the risk of infringement actions when expanding your brand into new markets ..


Take the headache out of watching and protecting your valuable brands with our digitalized solution.


Our trademark, design, and domain name renewal services are cost-efficient and fully secure.

Online Brand Protection

Services help businesses to achieve more with less by integrating and automating monitoring to take the pressure off in-house teams.


Transfer and change of IP rights.

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