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What is Orbit Trademark ?

Orbit Trademark is a Data and Search provider with a special focus on IPR Searching and Monitoring.

Created and developed by passionate professionals with more than 60 years of combined experience in the field of Intellectual Property.

Our aim is to centralize IP related information, to interconnect the actors of the IP community and to facilitate the daily interaction between law firms and the industry.

Orbit Trademark is committed to delivering the most accurate and fastest search results currently available in the IP Community. Searching with Orbit Trademark improves your workflow, saves time, and significantly reduces costs.

At Orbit Trademark we believe that a powerful Search software does not have to be complicated and it is with usability and efficiency in mind that we developed and designed our stateof-the-art IPR search solutions.

Our cloud-based search tool compares thousands of IP rights in just a few seconds. Highest quality standards are guaranteed and achieved by combining the latest available technology with the outstanding expertise of our IP Specialists.

The state-of-the-art search algorithms applied in the Orbit Trademark software allows to drastically reduce the “irrelevant hits” in search reports, narrowing those down to only a few pages.

The simplicity of use of Orbit Trademark makes it the perfect search companion for every IP Professional.

We aim to provide a complete suite of tools and solutions for IP professionals that seamlessly enhance productivity and daily workflow

Multi criteria

Conduct screening searches with the multi criteria searching module and instantly narrow down the search with more than 40 available search criteria and Boolean operators.

The Goods and Services are displayed in local languages and translated into English, the trademark names, owners and representatives are transliterated in Latin characters.

The interface is available in 8 languages: English, French, German, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. The users can create new reports and export them in several different personalized formats using the user’s header and footer for a truly customized search report.

Word similarity

Drastically reduce the time and budget previously spent in outsourcing your oSine searches and take the right decisions within just a few seconds with the unique and intuitive advanced searching tool.

world similarity

The state-of-art searching technology is supported by a strong AI and thousands of case law, opening up a brand new way of delivering safe search results and professional reports.

The trademarks are displayed by relevance order, the most conflicting trademarks being on the top.


Orbit Trademark is the first data and search provider that includes an Analytical module in its platform, providing accurate business information in the field of trademarks.

Instantly have the answer to many questions at hand, such as knowing who the largest trademark owners in Europe are and many more.

Our analytics allows the IP experts to quickly get insight into their business, enabling them to instantly know where to focus their efforts for business development and take the adequate decisions based on market changes.

AI Design recognition

Following the success of the AI Figurative Recognition, Orbit Trademark is the pioneer in launching a module to conduct industrial design searches in 67 registers using artificial intelligence technology.

As for the AI figurative search, the algorithms used for this module allow to search based on images and shapes rather than Locarno classes.Conducting industrial design searches with AI Design recognition is super intuitive and takes less time than ever.


Monitoring is essential in keeping the uniqueness of a brand name.

Orbit Trademark addresses this need by offering an Alerts Service, that not only tracks new similar trademark and design but also notifies the user of any update such as: change of owner, representative, status, publication dates, claimed countries…

Ordered searches

In addition to the online access, Questel also provides onIine searches that are conducted by experts in IP analysis.

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