Collaborative knowledge management


For a better sharing of your company's technological knowledge

innosabi Tech offers you a collaborative knowledge management platform available to all your collaborators to simply and effectively centralize and manage all the technological knowledge.

Centralize your technical knowledge and assets on one collaborative knowledge management platform that all employees can access when searching for input.

Orbit tech
Orbit tech

Within your company, many employees are interested in the technological knowledge essential to build tomorrow’s solutions and remain competitive. This knowledge is often scattered among the IT tools (Excel, Sharepoint, notes…) and simply not formalized in the minds of your engineers, your operational staff and your technicians.

innosabi Tech is a software that offers you a collaborative knowledge management platform available to all your collaborators to simply and effectively centralize and manage all this knowledge: the technical projects under development, the solutions implemented on industrial sites, feedbacks to identify the BAT (Best available Technologies), to know the internal and external experts in the major technological fields.

innosabi Tech Key Features

Networked capture of all your technical knowledge

Simplified capture of your R&D projects, deployed technologies, technological partners, internal and external experts to build a complete and shared knowledge technology base.

Qualification, sharing and effective portfolio management

Efficiently manage your R&D project portfolio, Tech Transfer Process, and the technological assets implemented on your sites.

Easier monitoring and reporting

Follow the evolution of your portfolio and measure your KPIs thanks to statistical dashboards and various exports.

Orbit tech stats

Additional features


Advanced management of your workflow and associated rights


Selection and feedback features: forums, multi-criteria ratings, sharing…


Filter system and integrated search engine


Automatic news feed on your technological partners and your technological fields of interest


Self-learning algorithms and customized recommendations


Alert and notification system.

Not to forget...

  • Safety

    A Saas hosted in France, certified by several audits from our clients and GDPR compliant.

  • Simplicity

    Intuitive software, ready to use without training and available on all your devices (responsive design & mobile app).

  • Support

    A dedicated team that guides you from framing to implementation and keeps on helping you for all your uses!

  • Connectivity

    An API library and the ability to connect to your major business tools and directories.

  • Customization

    innosabi (idea, partnering and tech) fits your brand image, your methods and your uses.

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