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Up-to-date and normalized data.

Questel is a leading provider of IP, science and patent database.

Intellectual property : we offer over 250 patent, design and trademark authorities in bibliographic form, 60 patent authorities in full text with translations that allow English language searching across the entire database.

Non Patent Literature (NPL) : 50 scientific document types from 50 000 journals and reviews, clinical trials, grants and business information.

You can also get direct access to Questel’s data repository and functionalities through iOrbit, our powerful API.

Discover our unparalleled scope of data :

Patent database / Patent search

125 million publications.
110 patent-issuing authorities.
96 million patents.
66 million patent families.
65 patent authorities in full text.
Patent classification codes: IPC, CPC, ECLA, USPCL and Japanese FI & F‑Term.
Proprietary normalized technology domains and sub-domains.
Patent and non-patent citation reports with relevancy indicators.
Normalized technical concepts.
High resolution patent drawings in mosaics.

Updated daily

Key content:

Object of the invention.
Advantages and prior art drawbacks.
Independent claims.

Flexible record structure:

By individual patent.
By invention-based patent family.
By extended patent family.

Patent Evaluation Metrics:

Patent Value.
Patent Strength.
Patent Technology Impact.
Patent Market Strategy.
Patent Originality.
Patent Generality.
Patent Radicalness.

Trademark database / Trademark search

135 trademark registers.
102 million trademarks.
Translated goods & services.
Legal status.
Classification codes: Nice, Vienna and Locarno.

Updated daily

Chemical Data

30 million chemical structures.
75 million documents.
IUPAC, trade names and common names recognized – ideal for Pharmaceutics.
Sub-structures searching.
Markush structure drawing.
Hit compounds directly visible in patents as a structure drawing.

New published molecules detected weekly

Sequence data

1 000 000 patents with sequences.
100M+ public biological sequence references (Genbank & Uniprot).
Latest stable version of NCBI-Blast for searching.
Motif algorithm.

Updated weekly

Industrial Designs

64 design registers.
16 million design records.
High-resolution color images in mosaic.
Classifications: Locarno, National.
Each design has a single record, making multi-design applications transparent.
Legal status.

Updated weekly

Defensive Scientific Publications

1960-to-present archive.
PCT Minimum Documentation status which mandates the International Search Authorities to search the archive.
10%+ records cited by at least one patent examiner.
High resolution drawings.

Updated daily

Scientific Publications

150 million publications from 50.000+ journals and reviews
50+ document types: articles, conferences, thesis, books, posters, grey literature, reports, etc.
Main data sources: Crossref, PubMed, DOAJ, Arxiv, Pascal-Francis,…+ 200 targeted archives and university repositories
Multisectorial: Life sciences, Computer sciences, Chemicals, Environment, Engineering, Physics, Materials, Telco, Earth Sciences, etc.
322 000 clinical trials (interventional and observational studies from
260 000 grants and collaborative projects (H2020, FP7, SBIR, STTR, etc.)

Updated bi-monthly

Litigations worldwide

127 000 patents involved in litigations
582 000 opposed patents

Litigations from the USA:
Full text
Case number
Patent number
Name of Product

Updated weekly

Parties involved:

  • Plaintiff
  • Defendant
  • Counter Claimant
  • Counter Defendant
  • Court
  • Judge
  • Attorney
  • Inventor(s)
  • Law Firm


  • Filed on from
  • Case closed on from
  • Last Update from

Also available:
Litigations from China, Germany, France (more coming).

Licensing Agreements

536 000 patents with licensing information:

  • Licensing interest
  • Licensed
  • available for licensing, or sale

206 000 patents declared licensed.
196 000 patents declared available for licensing.
30 000 registered licensing agreements in full text.
1 340 agreements with royalty rates.

Updated weekly


155 000 patents declared essential to the following standards: ETSI, IETF, IEEE, IEC, ITU, ISO, OMA, ANSI, ATIS, TIA.

119 000 European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

1400 Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF).
620 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).
1740 International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC).
1820 International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
340 International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
660 Open Mobile Alliance (OMA).
260 American National Standards Institute (ANSI).
180 Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS).
70 Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA).

Updated weekly

Legal Status

Legal status is available for 60 patent-issuing authorities, 118 trademark registers and 64 design registers.

For patents, most of the information comes from the EPO “Legal Status” database also known as PRS (Patent Register Service) which covers events occurring during the patent cycle and may affect the legal status of published applications or granted patents.

However for crucial authorities such China and US legal status is directly obtained from their local patent office.

Normalized searchable legal events:

  • Alive/Dead state
  • Granted/Pending status
  • Opposition (in all or specific countries)
  • Licensing (in all or specific countries)
  • Term Rights Extensions (in all or specific countries)
  • Reassignments
  • Entry into national phase (in all or specific countries)
  • No opposition filed (in all or specific countries)
  • Designated contracting state
  • Payments and renewals
  • Expiry date (expected and actual)

Complete indexing (for searching) of:

US register (USPAIR)

  • Status for all US applications (pre & post grant)
  • SME status
  • AIA status
  • Office actions (non-final, final, allowances, request for continuations, continued prosecutions, etc.) for granted patents
  • Patent Term Adjustment Calculations
  • Patent Term Extension Days

Updated weekly

FDA’s Orange Book (including Complementary Protection Certificates)

  • FDA number
  • FDA approved Product Names
  • Product owner
  • FDA exclusivity dates

US Official Gazette

  • Renewal fee details
  • Reexamination & IPR details
  • Licensing available + contact details

Inter-Partes Reviews (IPR)

Patent Appeal and Appeal Board decisions (PTAB)

Player profiles

4 million corporate entities (focus on tech players).
700 000 start-ups.
50 000 university profiles.
25 million individual profiles (experts, key opinion leaders…).
55 million collaborations analyzed.

Updated bi-monthly

Business Information

292 000 funding rounds listed. (70% of seed funding rounds).
100 000 acquisitions listed.
17 000 business events listed.
600 000 executives, entrepreneurs and investors.
20 000 qualified and categorized business and innovation web sources:

  • Economy, business and financial feeds from media web sites.
  • Specialized industry and business web sites.
  • Research organizations, universities, innovation clusters.
  • Corporate web sites, start-ups, incubators web sites.
  • New sources added every day.

25 000 new articles every day.
15 million articles.

Updated daily