doeLEGAL is now a part of Questel's LegalTech service offering

doeLEGAL joined the Questel group in 2020

More than 50 years of expertise and know-how in advanced legal technology

doeLEGAL was founded in 1971 as DOE Technologies with the goal of providing the most advanced business and office equipment to regional businesses. The company prospered and as advances in technology began revolutionizing the office environment, DOE evolved, as well, by offering computer technology to one of the fastest growing segments: Legal Services. Helping legal professionals increase efficiency and performance led to the creation of doeLEGAL, Inc.

Acquired by Questel in December 2020, doeLEGAL complements perfectly our innovative set of IP related software services, as Questel has built a true end-to-end integrated platform of software and services addressing all the Intellectual Property needs and already covers more general legal needs such as invoice and cost management, which are very synergetic with ELM solutions. 

A pioneer in the business of data-driven legal technology guiding corporate legal teams through every conceivable challenge. 

Questel is one of the world leading companies delivering intellectual property solutions across the innovation lifecycle, and providing a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions across the globe. The doeLEGAL acquisition is an integral part of its strategy to build an efficient and cost-effective set of end-to-end IP services.

Through Questel’s service offering, doeLEGAL’s friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable experts continue to meet our clients’ demands for Enterprise Legal Management (e-billing, matter management, and legal hold) and eDiscovery service solutions. Drawing on nearly 50 years of experience, this combination ensures your legal team has secure access to the most advanced data management technology.

This combination of decades of innovative legal solutions, end-to-end IP innovation, and deep knowledge of legal operations uniquely qualifies Questel to provide you with a broader view of your business, so you can provide your business partners with an elevated perspective through a comprehensive set of tools and expert guidance for managing all your data in real-time.

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