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Market screening, competitive intelligence, competency mapping, ideation and white space, technology scouting

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Our job is to work on technical innovations, our skill is to extract their secrets, to uncover companies’ strategies, unveil the true potential of a technology, accelerate the R&D development and help you create new products and services by leveraging all potential of our innovation intelligence.

Our consulting team go onboard with your project, embracing your challenges to help you achieve your business goals. With an expertise at the intersection of the market, the intellectual property and scientific knowledge, they are the missing link of your team to work alongside you and deliver actionable recommendations and easy-to-exploit reports.

Explore our range of innovation consultancy services and keep in
mind that we are workable according your needs.

Line Graph on a Laptop

Market trends

Leverage technical information in order to anticipate the market and pinpoint weak signals, market shift and emerging solutions. We identify relevant mega and micro trends, interpret them and reveal their potential. Stay on the cutting edge!

defend your market and tackle your competitors

Competitive intelligence

Monitor the development of market players working on similar projects or entering your competitive space. We compare strategies, grade companies and rank your organization to reveal ways to make improvements.

state of the art analysis

Startups sourcing and
deep dive analysis

Obtain the profile of the latest startups in your domain to be the first to seize opportunities. We provide a 360° analysis of a startup to help you understand who is the funder, how are the intellectual property risks managed, what is their business model and what part of their technology is disruptive. The perfect tool for every venture capitalists and investors.


Technology and
competency mapping

Develop a comprehensive, state-of-the-art technological analysis for a pre-defined field of innovation. The mapping project will help the client understand the latest trends and position their project/company correctly. Cross-analysis of patent and NPL data as well as web info and expert interviews.

Corporate business handshake between partners

Technology and
partners scouting

Identify technologies, patents, companies worthy of acquisition, R&D partners and experts to accelerate development phases and enable companies to position and secure access to new markets.

charts and graphs with magnifying glass and pencil, calculator,

Ideation and
white space analysis

Generate and secure new ideas for technological applications by leading challenges and using design or problem-solving theories. Our innovation consultancy helps clients find and define new R&D directions.

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