ITIP is now a part of Questel's IP service offering

ITIP joined the Questel group in 2017

Joining forces with the leading provider of international filing
services with a unique cost management solution

ITIP was founded in 2005 and based in Michigan (US), it is the innovative provider of cost management products and services to intellectual property managers. ITIP provides a unique service offering with complete transparency into the cost management of IP law firms and international agents. Bringing together a unique vision that combines proprietary best practices, state of the art IT technology and IP human resources.

Acquired by Questel in February 2017, ITIP’s services are a perfect fit to our Intellectual Asset Management software solutions, allowing us to match the needs and exceed the expectations of our clients through a variety of proven solutions for large companies to cut through waste and eliminate unnecessary cost.

Combining forces between Questel’s unique expertise and ITIP,
the world’s largest international patent filing company, means providing comprehensive solutions that efficiently manage cost and compliance throughout the patent life cycle.

Questel is one of the world leading companies delivering intellectual property solutions across the innovation lifecycle, and providing a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions across the globe. The ITIP acquisition is an integral part of its strategy to build an efficient and cost-effective set of end-to-end IP services, by providing large patent portfolio holders with complete transparency into the international patent prosecution life cycle with the greatest total cost savings possible.

The business of intellectual property has continued to evolve, requiring IP professionals to challenge the status quo and adapt to ever-increasing demands on all aspects of their IP practice. Over the years, ITIP has provided large companies with proven best practices as well as the human and technological resources to meet these demands as they relate to patent filing and IP cost management.

Thanks to this merger, Questel’s clients will beneficiate from an expertly-guided and innovative approach to IP cost management, allowing them to confidently meet any changes in economics and the IP ecosystem.

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