Academic Partnerships

Driving innovation by empowering the next generation

Working together for an innovative future

Our objective is to provide students around the world with the resources and means necessary to succeed by making their research easier, and free!

The objective of the Questel Academic Program is to partner with and support universities that teach Innovation, Intellectual Property, Strategic market studies and benchmarking, and related subjects by providing students with access to our resources for their coursework.

We offer tools, knowledge, expertise and research resources to support all students with their academic curriculum.  


Questel provides the best Intellectual Property and Innovation resources and software to graduate students around the world, free of charge.

Technology and Innovation are for everyone. Let's innovate together!

Thanks to our efficient software technology, everyone can benefit from the use of dedicated tools and a variety of resources for a personalized learning experience.

Our suite of software will allow future professionals to develop their knowledge and know-how in the field of intellectual property and beyond. 

Our tech-focused software and resources hub will be available to support all of our partners for building skills portfolio, free of charge.

Designing a future where innovation is accessible to all

Committed to empowering the next generation of digital talent with the skills employers need, Questel provides your students with access to two of our most popular software programs, Innosabi Insight and Orbit Express, free of charge.

innosabi Insight

Innosabi Insight

innosabi Insight is a fully automated and continually updated business-oriented solution for innovators. It will provide your students with single source access to the latest trends, patents, start-ups, competitors, partners, technologies, and publications. 

The unmatched User experience associated with the largest innovation data scope helps predict emerging trends and strengthen market strategies. A smart user-friendly dashboard with Data interpretation and visual insight allows users to understand the market at a glance.

Orbit Express

Orbit Express

Orbit Express is an application dedicated to engineers, researchers and managers who want to quickly and easily access information in their technical domain: patent and scientific and technical publications. By joining the program, your students gain full access.

With an intuitive interface, adaptive features and secure access, this application meets the needs of organizations wishing to broaden access to scientific and technical information in order to optimize research and innovation and facilitate the protection of their intellectual property.

Want to join the program? It's very simple.

Questel has adopted a streamlined process to easily grant your students access to innosabi Insight and Orbit Express. By following these few steps your Master’s students will be able to fully gain direct access to our high-quality data.


Questel’s approach is to select universities for participation based upon the Master’s degrees offered (mainly degrees related to IP and Innovation). A first email will be sent to you presenting details of the partnership opportunity. If you are interested in participating, we invite you to send your confirmation via email.


Once we receive your confirmation via email, we will send you an agreement to be signed by your university’s representative entity. A digital copy of the fully signed document will be shared with you. This basic agreement provides details about the software to which you will have access and the period of free access, etc.


When the agreement is signed, Questel will grant you access to the software. Typically, we will request a file containing email addresses for the Master’s degree students to be granted access. From that point forward, an administrator from your university will manage the student accounts.


Your students will then be given full access to innosabi insight and Orbit Express. Throughout the year, students can refer to their university administrator with any questions, and the administrator, in turn, can refer to our assistance team with questions.

Academic Partner's testimonial

 Questel offers tools that can be used in all areas of modern patent management. In a free event lasting several hours, the students of the patent engineering course learned how to use this tool efficiently: Questel employee Daniel Ovadya, who traveled from Paris, taught them the intricacies of the system in the field of patent analysis in the workshop “Orbit for advanced users”.

University of Applied Sciences Amberg-Weiden, Germany

Innovation and Intellectual Property resources are one click away

The need for highly trusted and expertly presented resources is at an all-time high. That is why Questel has developed a Resource Hub, a centralized application where you can find hundreds of articles, videos, testimonials and e-books on various subjects such as: IP business intelligence, Intellectual Asset Management, Patent services, Innovation and start-up management, and more. 

Through this program, your students will also gain valuable insight on key market trends and participate in ongoing business debates through our regularly organized webinars.

Our experts in your classroom

Questel is committed to empowering the next generation and reducing the skills gap in the IP and Innovation sectors. By joining this program, your university will contribute the change too. 

We will be glad to discuss the possibility of exchanging knowledge and expertise through your participation in academic meetings.

The brightest minds in the innovation and IP sectors can now share powerful insight and join the conversation regarding current market trends and related issues during your conferences and academic events.