Business Continuity


As a digital company, we prove our adaptability and positive mindset to face this anxious time on a global scale

Flexible and Agile organization

Given the decisions or recommendations taken by our governments, Questel’s management has decided, as a precaution, to encourage teleworking for all its employees. 

Positive mindset

Our primary priority is to ensure the welfare of our customers, employees and partners. 

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Unchanged product roadmap

As a technology company, we have all the necessary infrastructure to guarantee you a 100% level of service and quality support. 

All business units involved

All our employees are equipped to work remotely and continue to meet your needs. We remain at your service, and will continue to do so as well.

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Internal challenges and cooperation

During this period we want to keep in touch with you, by adapting meetings so that they take place online, and sharing valuable knowledge.

Availability for clients’ needs

Of course, you have the usual channels and tools for communicating with the helpdesk at or directly with your sales contact.

Knowledge sharing and e‑learning

Don’t hesitate to e-meet with us, we are fostering a culture that embraces knowledge sharing : New Webinars are on preparation, you can watch them live or later on

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All over the world

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