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Research disclosure is a fast and effective method for protecting your inventions


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    Research Disclosure has been the industry standard defensive publication service for over 50 years.  Over that period the service has been used by an estimated 90% of the world’s leading companies and has grown to become a significant non-patent literature archive.


Pricing per publication: 
  • US clients (USD): $390

  •  Rest of the world (EUR): 330€

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Companies that publish with us know that they can rely on their disclosures being found by the patent authorities

Defensive Publication is method to establish prior art by publishing details of an invention into the public domain, with the purpose to stop others obtaining a patent on the same invention. The end goal is to ensure the right to practice the published invention. Studies have revealed that up to two thirds of patenting organisations are using this method actively within their IP strategy.

The perhaps most effective channel to make an invention public is Research Disclosure, the industry standard defensive publication service, launched in 1960 and operated by Questel Ireland.

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