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Orbit Express is an application dedicated to engineers, researchers and managers who want to quickly and easily obtain information in their technical domain: patents and non patent literature, including defensive publications. 

On the Non-Patent Literature view, you can filter with only defensive publication coming from our Research Dislclosure database. 

Document delivery:

    To order a past copy of the Research Disclosure Journal or single Research Disclosure articles please supply us by email ([email protected]) with as many of the following details as possible.
  • Journal publication month or issue numbe 
  • Individual disclosure number i.e. 679002
  • Individual disclosure title


Document delivery rates
  • US clients (USD): $45 per disclosure

  •  Rest of the world (EUR): 35€ per disclosure

Journal delivery rates
  • US clients (USD): $100 per journal

  •  Rest of the world (EUR): 80€ per journal

For volume discount or other requests to the sales team, please Contact Us.

Companies that publish with us know that they can rely on their disclosures being found

Defensive Publication is method to establish prior art by publishing details of an invention into the public domain, with the purpose to stop others obtaining a patent on the same invention. The end goal is to ensure the right to practice the published invention. Studies have revealed that up to two thirds of patenting organisations are using this method actively within their IP strategy. Learn more

The perhaps most effective channel to make an invention public is Research Disclosure, the industry standard defensive publication service, launched in 1960 and operated by Questel Ireland.

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