Orbit Capture​


The essential monitoring workflow to stay in control of your IP portfolio

orbit capture

Orbit Capture (Intellectual property portfolio management software) supports you in the construction of your IP strategy by providing you with a central solution for all stakeholders. Together you can build, manage and develop your IP assets.


Real-time IP dashboard

Get the most out of your IP data with automated dashboards and reporting.

Orbit Capture ip dashboard
Orbit Capture custom workflow

Custom workflows

Easily adjust your workflow in real time to meet the ever-changing needs of your organization. Set workflow stages, assign task managers, and control deadlines.

Portfolio research

Use filters and quick searches to find the desired item among your assets. Quickly export your data to Excel.

Orbit Capture portfolio research
Orbit Capture invention workflow

Invention workflow

Capture the R&D activity of your engineers and inventors at the beginning of the innovation cycle to effectively protect their creative production.

Contract management

Manage versions, redline with partners, and link contracts to assets.


Record your cost information on each asset. Assign budgets to different targets and be notified of budget overruns.

Why use Orbit Capture for your intellectual property portfolio?


Businesses with emerging IP portfolios

Manage your entire IP portfolio while building and monitoring your strategy with a single tool.

law firm

Law firms

Connect and share your customers’IP portfolio through real-time IP dashboards.

Tech transfer and open innovation accelerators

The easy customization is perfectly suited to innovation professionals and emerging/maturing IP processes.

Additional features



Load up-to-date IP data using Questel’s API, synchronize your portfolio and take advantage of our IA based semantic search to make your data more reliable.



Use connectors to easily integrate Docket data from platforms handling docketing such as Orbit Asset.

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