Orbit Community


Customers co-creation and communities


Integrate your customers in a truly user-centric innovation process to gain immediate feedback and a new understanding of their needs.

Orbit Community is a software solution (collaboration software) for scalable, goal-oriented collaboration with customers and end-users.

It comes fully equipped with a broad range of co-creation formats, digital prototyping capabilities, and evaluation mechanisms to turn customer feedback into actionable quantitative and qualitive insights.

Orbit Community software benefits

Use the feedback and ideas of your customers to develop products and services that are perfectly tailored to the needs of your target group. Establish a sustainable dialogue with your customers to strengthen their loyalty to the company and ensure the success of your offers.

More Insights

The Orbit Community technology gives you the opportunity to start a large-scale dialogue with many customers at the same time and gain in-depth insight.

Actionable Collaboration

Establish a collaborative and seamless innovation process that actively integrates your customers from generating ideas to testing prototypes.

Qualitative Feedback

Generate high quality feedback to identify your customers’ current needs and make the right decisions in product development.

Innovation Analytics

Let the software support you in analyzing discussions and ideas and quickly find relevant information for your innovation initiatives.

Key Features

Crowd Innovation

Start open collaboration projects with your customers to gather feedback and ideas for products, services and business models.

Give your customers the opportunity to develop and submit their own ideas. Then use discussions and voting to filter for the most promising projects together with your community.

Prototype Testing

Test digital prototypes directly with your end customers to get quick feedback on functionality, usability and design. Ensure the successful launch of your offers by taking into account the expectations of your customers at an early stage. Use iterative feedback loops to continuously improve prototypes or concepts.

B2C Supercharger

Leverage a powerful connection to existing communities with over two million active users from around the world. Validate your innovation strategy and product concepts by checking critical decisions in advance. Choose your target group based on demographic or regional characteristics and receive feedback at the push of a button.


Additional features



Design, conduct and analyze quantitative surveys with a wide range of proven question formats.


Pairwise Voting

Expands evaluation and voting processes with powerful ELO-based algorithms for detailed rankings.


Community Health

Provides important KPIs and recommendations to maintain an active, engaged community.



Provides additional motivation for participants through badges and reward systems.

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