Orbit Idea


Collaborative idea and innovation management


Engage your employees in ideation and innovation projects to unleash your organization’s full potential for innovation.

Orbit Idea is a comprehensive idea management software (ideation platform) which allows you to leverage the combined knowledge, expertise, and creativity of your entire organization throughout the innovation process.

It combines design thinking, idea challenges, collaborative ideation, crowdfunding, and many more proven innovation methods into one single toolkit backed by state-of-the-art analytics.

Orbit Idea software benefits

Tap into the knowledge and ideas of your employees to bring new products to the market and find solutions to problems faster than ever before. Connect all initiatives in your company at a central entry point and create an innovation culture that drives long-term business success.

More Speed

Orbit Idea has everything you need to set up fast and efficient innovation processes with in your company.

Better Decisions

Always make the right decisions by using intelligent analysis mechanisms in the selection and prioritization of ideas.

Targeted Collaboration

The software provides your employees with a platform that connects the know-how of your company and makes it usable for collaboration projects.

Strong Commitment

Establish a new culture of innovation that motivates your employees to take on more responsibility and to actively participate in the company’s success.

Key Features

Innovation Challenges

Start campaigns on current challenges in your company in order to integrate your employees’ ideas in a targeted and proactive manner.

Use open discussions to stimulate collaboration between your employees. Commenting, liking and voting features improve the development of ideas and help you to make informed decisions.

Internal Crowdfunding

Expand your innovation campaigns with virtual crowdfunding and accelerate the financing and implementation of promising ideas. Equip your employees with virtual budgets and let them participate directly in decision-making. Idea generation, prioritization and implementation interlink seamlessly.

Trend Scouting

Tap into extensive trend databases and screen the latest developments in specific industries or technology areas. Appoint dedicated trend scouts to evaluate and analyze trends in the context of your specific organization and market. Use trends to inspire and jump-start other innovation projects.

Idea Evaluation

Create a digital and smart idea evaluation process that motivates and values your employees’ suggestions for improvement. Implement transparent and gamified processes to improve the quality and quantity of the submitted suggestions. Scale the number of participants and ideas while simultaneously streamlining the evaluation and screening process.

Solution Scouting

Enable your employees to actively search for solutions and submit their own innovation challenges. Prevent the time-consuming development of solutions to problems that have already been solved elsewhere in the company by making them accessible. Establish an intelligent database for future challenges, and identify people with valuable specialist knowledge.

Additional features

Innovation Assistant

Quickly guides the users to the right projects or the required sources of information

Expert Map

lets users search and connect with experts based on specific competencies and knowledge.

Global Search

AI-assisted search capabilities to find relevant information in your innovation ecosystem.

Knowledge Base

turns the innovation platform into a hub of relevant information and continuous learning.

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