Use powerful APIs to integrate all Questel data and statistical packages into your existing software


Feed client server applications
with consistent data

Get direct access to Questel’s data repository and functionalities through iOrbit, our powerful API.

Sometimes content needs to live in more than one place and often needs to fuel customer experiences far beyond the primary data sources. In that case, Questel provides the best data coverage and added-value with automatic translation, semantic search capabilities, and data normalization.

By separating data management from presentation, CaaS solutions allow organizations to distribute content to any channel or device that exists today as well as those yet to come.

content as a service

Why the API?

By consuming the API, you get direct access to our datasets and can easily feed your existing platform with our high quality data.

Data comes to you in a custom manner so you save time and control the feed as it pleases you.

Ease of integration

You save time and money in integration and maintenance. Dedicated team to support software development.

Powerful search tools

You gain access to the valuable searches features we offer on the Orbit Suite

Global Data Coverage

You can search into Questel wide range of data from over 100 patent authorities


99.8% uptime for API feed!

Our unique content-as-a-service offer

  • Search queries and semantic search available

  • PNs automatic normalization

  • Standardized assignee names

  • PDFs and images

  • Standard JSON output

  • Dedicated API support team

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

Our integration services team will work with your business and IT teams to not only analyze your technical environment, but we’ll also work with your business users to understand how your business works today and what information your people need to make the right decisions at the right time.

Integration Team

API Starter Pack
All you need

API Documentation
on PostMan

Integration & Set up
on schedule

on demand

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