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The unique all-in-one sequence + chemistry + patent family search and analysis solution.

Orbit BioSequence

Orbit BioSequence is specially architected for IP professionals. OBS allows you to compare DNA sequences or peptides with our databases of sequences from patent and non-patent literature within the Orbit Intelligence platform.

Over 460 million sequences extracted from 1.1M patent publications

non-redundant view

Specific algorithms for short sequences such as CDRs

Combining sequence searching with chemistry and keyword searches in patents

Why do our Customers choose Orbit Biosequence?

  • Family-based structure of OBS/FAMPAT is beneficial.

  • Combination of efficient biosequence search and comprehensive full-text database is highly advantageous.

  • Combination of different search approaches is a very helpful feature of OBS.

  • Search capacity/performance is impressive. Filtering works, even for large hit numbers.

  • User-friendly search interface

  • Coverage of patent biosequences

  • Excel exports cover the majority of needs

  • Previous searches are saved, and results can be revisited

Combine your sequence search with a full text keyword search or chemistry search.

This extremely powerful feature is quite unique.

You can filter your OBS results to keep the best and most meaningful hits and then combine your findings with a full text keyword search or chemistry.

Finally, your combined results can be viewed together: alignments, Keyword-incontext, chemical hits.

Informative graphics to help you recognize alignments quickly.

Alignments can be long and unfathomable.

We have designed a quick-to-comprehend compact graphic that can be viewed instead of or as well as by alignments per se.

Over 1.1 million patent publications with sequences.

Including over 300K manually extracted from patents.

Non-patent sequences to complete your prior art search.

All database types can be searched together.

over1,1 million patent

Patent family view for non-redundant results, helping you visualize what you need.

We provide a comprehensive set of publications per family.  It is critical to determine whether a sequence is claimed in an application but not in a grant, or which authorities are covered for a sequence.  Seeing one patent per family is simply not enough.

patent family

The filters you need.

Though we constantly improve and add new filters, all essential filters are available for alignment quality, claimed sequences, multiple queries and normalized organisms.

Each filter action saves your results in your search history allowing you to combine your hits with any other Orbit Intelligence search.

Highlighted claimed sequences for faster FTO.

We automatically tell you if sequences are claimed and in which claims they are.

Get smart with CDRs and other antibody sequences using the proper algorithms, filters and results combinations.

Searching for antibody sequences is complex. 

We have designed OBS to make it as simple as possible for you to search CDRs and chains.


Orbit BioSequence allows you to perform sequence searching in a fully featured patent platform. The software was specially designed for IP searchers and allows you to see sequence alignments in a patent and family context. Combine and analyze all sequences, small molecules, texts, concepts and legal status searches.

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Orbit BioSequence Variant Analysis

Get new insight from your sequence results

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See your query aligned to all its hits

Each mutation, deletion or insertion is clearly highlighted

Filter your results to get what you want

Several filters allow you to focus on what is of interest

Create a complete report workfiles

Export the results in a nice report which includes the multiple alignment

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