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Scientific data analysis

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Analyse patent and scientific data

Orbit Intellixir is the industry’s leading solution for patent and scientific data analysis in innovation and competitive intelligence.


Search and retrieve technical information (patents, scientific articles, clinical trials…) from your in-house and public sources, from Questel Intelligence and sources from main tools of the market.


Load data originating from any of your sources (e.g. Blend patent families and scientific articles into a single study). Normalize assignees and affiliations. Categorize your dataset with dedicated features: custom fields, thesauri and glossaries.


Discover relevant information through Orbit Intellixir’s rich and interactive graphical presentations. Produce on demand reports and dashboards. Export supporting data.


Share the most relevant results of your study through export files or the EasyLixir interface: a webbased platform dedicated to end-users.

Make full use of scientific and technical information whatever the sources.

With Orbit Intellixir, explore and make the most out of structured documents from any source:

  • internal databases
  • commercial or public databases
  • bibliography management tools

And of course Questel’s Orbit products!

Share interactive results

Easilixir is a simple interface where searchers, managers, technical or legal experts will be able to access your interactive reports and to drive their own study on the dataset you have curated for them.

Apply your own data processing rules

Let the default organization label cleansing and grouping, document categorization and ad hoc concept extraction rules operate; or customize them to better suit your needs. These rules are obviously saved and can be shared with your coworkers.

explore many graph

Explore the many graphs and documents associated with them

Orbit Intellixir offer a choice of multiple graphs perfectly adapted to each type of information.

Choose your favorite color, font and shape and share interactive graphs with your technical experts or managers.

Detect trends and weak signals: the data scientist’s holy grail!

Analyze meta-data over time to detect acceleration or emergence of information.

Compare organizations to detect which one works on specific differentiative topics.

Look at individuals and organizations collaboration map to decipher hidden collaborations.

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