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A single integrated approach to global IP services

When it comes to trusting your international patent translation to a partner, the right words matter. And so does the timing, quality, value, and cost savings. Because managing translation services can be complicated, you need a partner who can handle the entire process while exceeding all of your expectations. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Streamline the process with foreign agents.

Use our experienced network of translators.

Trust a team of experts who know the legal world.

Minimize costs
while maximizing

International filing translation

Simplify your process

Let us coordinate agent instruction and the gathering of formality documents while also translating your patent application so that you can reduce the number of administrative tasks from your list. You simply send us your instructions, and our PCT Filing Management service will manage the entire workflow. We work directly with foreign agents to track deadlines and will alert you with timely notifications. We ensure that filing instructions are accurate, and we manage the delivery of formality documents. We do it all so that you can focus on more important matters.

Streamline instruction to foreign agents and all other administrative tasks.

Shrink Overhead

With a single email, you can initiate a PCT filing with us, reducing your administrative load. We handle the rest, so you can focus your time on other tasks.

Manage Costs

Our service fee is nominal compared to other options. Plus, invoicing is straightforward, so you can quickly see the value in partnering with us.

Simplify Support

We don’t rest until we verify and communicate with you that the filing is complete. We’re on call throughout examination to translate any office actions.

Prior art translation

Don’t let prior art slow you down

An International Search Report may turn up prior art that requires translation. Often, this can become a major roadblock. Machine translation may not be the best option, but our Reference Quality translation will satisfy the need without breaking the bank.

 With Questel, you have access to our network of experienced patent translators with advanced degrees in your industry or technology. The result is a clear understanding of any prior art, so you can make better decisions on IP protection. When it comes to translating prior art, we’re a partner you can trust.

Use our experienced network of translators for prior art translation.

Reduce Risk

The quality of prior art translation can impact how you interpret a patent and the decisions you make for patent protection. Don’t risk it. Bring in an expert translator.

Reduce Costs

Don’t pay a premium to translate documents you don’t intend to publish. We offer a discounted Reference Quality service using our network of highly qualified, expert linguists.

Simplify for the Future

As your translation partner, we continually build and maintain client-specific translation memory that improves the consistency of your translations and reduces overhead through process efficiencies.

Legal document translation

The right words do matter

For more than 30 years, we have helped corporate legal teams and outside counsel with legal document translation while also improving the cost, convenience, and consistency of a translation.

 Legal document translation requires much more expertise than a standard document translation. A linguist qualified to translate legal documents must have a thorough understanding of proper sentence structure and correct syntax and must also be able to select the appropriate word for each use case.

 If your clients are like others in the market, their demands are increasing while their budgets are not. In today’s world, the cost of legal services is substantial. We provide efficient and cost-effective legal translation services for anything from litigation documentation to legal office communications.

Trust a team of experts who know the legal world.

Reduce Risk

Think of us as your dedicated project management team. Centralizing your legal translation services through Questel allows your staff to focus on more important work.

Cut Costs

Our service fee is nominal compared to other options. Plus, invoicing is straightforward, so you can quickly see the value in partnering with us.

Stay Focused

We don’t rest until we verify and communicate with you that a filing is complete. We’re on call throughout examination to translate any office actions.

Office action translation

Actionable and accountable

Our translation services cover a wide range of needs, including any office action translation. Your counsel may be an expert in semiconductor patent law, but she may not be fluent in Thai or Chinese. When office actions arise, our translators will help make the response seamless.

 We offer discounted Reference Quality translation services to help minimize your translation costs while speeding up the process. This allows your inside or outside counsel to focus on what they do best.

 Our top-quality patent translation can reduce the number of office actions related to translation error. Sophisticated technology is key to maintaining consistent and accurate translation across languages.

Minimize costs while maximizing efficiency.

Fast and Efficient

Let us handle translation of your office actions with a quick turnaround and lower cost.

Manage Costs

Often office actions do not require premium translation. Because we are a committed partner, we offer a Reference Quality translation service at a discounted rate.

Simplify Support

We’re on-call post-submission to translate office actions in a timely fashion. Our fast, efficient translation will help speed the resolution.

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