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PARIS, JULY 16, 2019.

Questel acquires Direct Validation

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Questel, one of the world’s largest intellectual property software and service providers, has signed an agreement to acquire Direct Validation.


Founded in 1988 and based in Stockholm (Sweden), Direct Validation is a major player in EP validations services, the process of registering granted European patents in the countries where they will ultimately be enforceable.


“Questel has provided European patent validation services in the past, mainly through partners,” says Charles Besson, Questel CEO. “This investment will provide us with yet another highly synergistic client offering within the innovation and IP lifecycle.”


“Connecting Questel’s intellectual property solutions with Direct Validation’s unique knowledge of EP validations will translate into deep savings for clients of both companies,” says Olle Bäcklund, CEO of Direct Validation.

Questel is a true end-to-end intellectual property solutions provider to more than 5,000 clients and 1M users across 30 countries. We offer a comprehensive software suite for searching, analyzing and managing inventions and IP assets. Questel also provides services throughout the IP lifecycle, including prior art searches, patent drafting, international filing, translation, and renewals. These solutions, when combined with our IP cost management platform, deliver clients an average savings of 30-60% across the entire prosecution budget.

Direct Validation is a world leader in validations of European patents, the process of transforming European patents into national patents. By identifying and eliminating superfluous services and middlemen in the validation process, Direct Validation can reduce client costs by as much as 50%.