RenewalsDesk is now a part of Questel's IP renewals service offering

RenewalsDesk joined the Questel group in 2020

Easy, secure and cost-effective IP Renewals

Founded in 2013 by patent attorneys, RenewalsDesk is an IP Legal support services provider specialising in patent renewals. The lack of clarity on inflated renewals prices, combined with slow and unhelpful service, was the driving force for the creation of this business.

Therefore, one of their driving missions is to bring honesty and transparency to the IP Renewals sector, 

Acquired by Questel in 2020, RenewalsDesk has been a great added value to Questel’s renewals service offering.

Brining honesty and transparency to the IP Renewals sector, for all clients, regardless of their portfolio size

Questel is one of the world’s largest Intellectual Property software and service providers, and this acquisition is an integral part of its strategy to build a one-stop-shop offering.

RenewalsDesk is the first online direct-to-consumer patent renewals service that allows you to sign up directly online and start making patent renewals immediately, no matter how many or how few patents you own, company’s goal is to provide an automated and easy specialist service for keeping track of, calculating, and paying your regular patent renewal fees such that companies and individuals can carry out renewals without legal assistance, thus making significant cost savings.

With this acquisition, Questel accelerates its successful strategy of transforming IP industry by providing centralized, secure, and cost-effective IP services across the entire innovation lifecycle.

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