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Engage your partner and supplier network in innovation projects and turn emerging technologies and trends into marketable products faster.

innosabi Partner is a software solution (supplier innovation platform) for collaborating and innovating projects with partners and suppliers.
It enables you to create secure, dedicated spaces for sharing knowledge and ideas while also developing solutions for the next generation of innovations and products.

innosabi Partner benefits

Use the knowledge and expertise of your partners to complete innovation projects even faster with the help of external solutions. Reach out to suppliers, partners or startups and gain access to new skills, technologies and data.


Streamlined Problem Solving

The Partner supplier innovation platform offers the right infrastructure to make external solutions quickly and easily usable for your innovation projects.

Protected Environment

Protect the confidentiality of sensitive information in a secure environment and maintain full control over the openness of your innovation processes.

Efficient Solutions

Reduce the costly and time-consuming development of your own solutions and directly access the ideas, technologies or patents from your network.

Sustainable Partnerships

Strengthen relationships in your company’s ecosystem and establish sustainable partnerships for future business development.

Key Features

Supplier Innovation

Start campaigns on current challenges in the company and specifically invite suppliers with the matching skills.

Find solutions efficiently

Define the objective and the period of the campaign in order to communicate the expectation horizon at an early stage. Give your suppliers orientation and receive tailor-made solutions directly.

Accelerate market launch

Use the knowledge and technologies in your supplier network to minimize your own development costs. Shorten the time to market and benefit from tangible competitive advantages.

Open Call

Establish a permanent, open-ended channel for submitting ideas and innovations by experts or potential partners.

Transparent processes

Rely on transparent processes to understandably evaluate and develop incoming ideas. Make the requirements and evaluation criteria of your projects visible to everyone involved.

Open up new business areas

Use the constant exchange with partners in your ecosystem to identify growth potential or trends at an early stage and to jointly drive the development of new business areas.

Startup Radar

Search and evaluate emerging startups in your industry or start a collaboration and make use of new technologies.

Fast connection

Appoint experts to review and evaluate the potential of startups or contact them directly via the innovation platform to quickly connect them to your innovation initiatives.

Specialized database

Collect the latest information on developments in the startup scene and use a database that has the right specialists for the challenges of your company if necessary.

Patent Scout

Find relevant patents from various fields and secure the right to use groundbreaking technologies at an early stage.

Recognize potential

Assign technologies or topics to selected experts in your company. Then use their insights to assess the potential of patents for your company.

Targeted search

Structure public patent databases and use them for the targeted search for possible uses in your company. Let yourself be supported by the artificial intelligence of the innosabi semantic engine.

Additional supplier innovation platform features


Supplier Sync

Connects your existing supplier databases to your platform and simplifies invitation and access management.



Allows you to design, conduct and analyze quantitative surveys with a wide range of proven question formats.


Advanced Evaluation

Enables the set-up and management of your individual screening and evaluation processes for incoming ideas and solutions.


Expert Map

Makes individuals in your network easy to find based upon expertise and competency profiles.

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