The concept of Innovation Intelligence

Published, 10 October 2022

How to leverage visual and trend analysis for business-centric decisions

Innovation is on everyone’s lips and is often presented as the engine of economic growth or the solution to all social problems. But, although omnipresent, this notion is often scattered in companies and the information that could be extracted from it for the strategy, completely under-exploited.

We explained to you what we consider innovation intelligence and what led us to develop a product like Insight. You will see how visual analysis is efficient and why Big Data approach helps to take better decision.




Eloise Naudi

Subject Matter Expert Manager


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What is Innovation Scouting?

Innovation Management

Change is a constant. New technologies surface regularly and change existing product landscapes and business models. Companies don’t have all knowledge and all technology expertise ready to be used and implemented in products. Leverage ecosystem to fill his expertise gap has become a competitive advantage. Technology scouting and innovation scouting are approaches companies use to… Read More »What is Innovation Scouting?


6G, A new era already on the rise. 6G Patents a reality!


While the deployment of 5G is still in its early stages, research on the next-generation communication system, namely 6G, has already started. R&D activities are being held in different regions with diverse collaborations, and several industrial 6G programs around the world have been initiated. Filing of 6G patents and related technological domains is exponentially increasing.… Read More »6G, A new era already on the rise. 6G Patents a reality!


(Re-)Focusing Your Innovation Program in Turbulent Times


Innovation is a journey. So, let’s find the best route to get you to your destination!