Monitor new, identical and confusing similarity


Access weekly watch reports at the best price in the industry for word and image trademarks, domain names, and competitor filing activity.

Save both time and money with our trusted trademark and domain name watch solutions.

Our trademark watch software automatically monitors trademark applications in up to 190 countries worldwide, employing statistical analysis to rank new and similar word and image trademark applications by likelihood of conflict. Not only are you always notified about the most problematic results first, but our intelligent algorithm also filters irrelevant results to save you time.

You can also filter results to ensure you are always informed of new strategic filings by competitors or in specific classes of goods/services and apply the same strategic focus to your domain name registrations.

Choose from our range of cost-effective watch and monitoring solutions, including:

  • Trademark watch
  • Domain watch
  • Intelligence monitor

Our automated trademark, domain name and competitor intelligence watch reports are delivered and supported by Markify, a Questel company.

Key Benefits

  • A proven trademark similarity algorithm you can trust:
    Our intelligent AI-driven algorithm identifies 99+% of potential trademark conflicts quickly and efficiently with up to 50% less “noise” than other providers to ensure you always receive high-quality results and far fewer low-quality matches.
  • Interactive reports supported by intelligent automation:Weekly reports delivered to your email and available online    for download (PDT, RTF, Word, HTML and Excel) with integrated automation, templates, workflows and filtering capabilities.High-quality data covering 190 countries:
    We update our servers every day with the freshest official data, so you can be sure you access up-to-the-minute results in the territories that matter most to you.
  • Ability to customize and collaborate:
    Add your own branding to easily create sophisticated reports for your clients or internal business units. Share and work together on reports, both inside and outside your organization, using in-built collaboration tools.

Word and image trademark watch reports

Stay on top of the threat posed by new and confusingly similar trademarks with a dedicated weekly watch report. Our dynamic trademark similarity algorithm watches for new trademark applications in the trademark databases of 190 countries to deliver timely and high-quality notifications, including:

  • Delivery of reports by email and online for ease of use
  • Results listed by relevance based on statistical analysis of the likelihood of conflict
  • Keyword filter for goods and services
  • Ability to produce your own reports based on integrated filtering tools
  • All classes included

Domain name watch reports

Proactively monitor new domain names for trademark infringement. Our AI-powered algorithm monitors registrations in more than a thousand top-level domains to identify identical and confusingly similar registrations:

  • Nearly 1,700 supported, including 1,000+ top-level domains (TLDs), all new generic (gTLDs) and country code (ccTLDs) registries, plus internationalized domain names (IDNs)
  • Public WHOIS data included where available
  • Choose between weekly or monthly reports
  • Easy workflows for brand monitoring of small and large portfolios

Monitor your competitors intelligently: Watch by owner and by goods and services

Gain valuable insight into competitor trademark filing activity with our weekly report on trademark applications by a specific owner/applicant. Our intelligent trademark monitoring algorithm automatically will alert you to strategic filings by competitors and new filings for pre-specified goods or services. You can also create a bespoke ‘flag’ system to filter notifications automatically by relevance. Choose between:

  • Global owner/goods and services watch in the trademark databases of all 190 countries
  • EU-only watch covering 27 EU states, EUIPO, WIPO (international registrations) designating the included jurisdictions, plus the UK
  • Single country watch: Pick any one country or the combination that best suits your needs


Looking for watch reports with legal advice?

For trademark and domain name watches with legal opinion, we recommend the monitoring solutions offered by Novagraaf and Brandstock.