Why technology landscaping ?

Effectively pursuing innovation in a fast-paced and competitive market requires a level of global awareness and diligence that is impossible without the help of powerful tools.

Intellectual property, scientific production, funding, clinical trials, collaborative projects… are rich sources of business intelligence that can be complex and difficult to understand.

A technology landscape isn’t a one-to-one solution for any business goal; it’s a category of assessments with different outcomes depending on the business context and strategy.

“The most reliable way to forecast the future is to try
to understand the present.”

John Naisbitt

A technology landscape provides a global overview on a specific topic and helps your team.

By tapping into a larger data set with ease, your organization can more readily source solutions, and opportunities, focus in on more targeted ideas and leverage trending data to make effective decisions moving forward. More data means a more accurate picture of the environment you’re working within, making decisions that have a higher impact.

With Orbit Innovation, Technology Landscaping made easy!

Targeted metrics and indicators allow you to track trends over time decide how your company should respond to the market and what your competitors are doing.

The main dashboard allows you to easily view and digest important information and updates at a glance, on a structured way:

When and why using Orbit Innovation’s Technology Landscaping Dashboard ?

Design thinking & Technology roadmap

Open innovation & R&D Partnering

Expert sourcing & problem solving

Product strategy & Competitive intelligence